Acre Gold Review

Acre Gold Review

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Precious metals have always been a good choice for investors who want to spread their bets and protect themselves from the ups and downs of the stock market.

Many people consider purchasing precious metals to protect their wealth from rising inflation. But should you invest in gold through a subscription service?

In this article, we will investigate what Acre Gold is, the benefits of investing in such accounts and whether or not they are a good fit for the financial goals of the average investor.

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What is Acre Gold?

Acre Gold Review

As a company, Acre Gold offers a subscription service for buying gold. A gold bar can be purchased by investors and paid for in installments. Buying a home is a quick, easy and handy option. In addition, customers who use their service will not have to bother going to pawn shops or other unaffiliated sellers.

Acre Gold can operate thanks to the expertise of its fintech partners. These seasoned financiers are aware of gold's potential as an investment. However, Acre Gold offers a special deal on gold, thus this is the only precious metal that will do.

This means that investors' purchase of silver, platinum or palladium through their platform is prohibited. The company is highly specialized in dealing with gold and does it successfully.

Usually, investors are challenged to locate reliable suppliers, which is different here. Acre Gold finds highly pure gold bullion, avoiding impurities. As soon as you place an order, it will be fulfilled by reliable sources.

How Does Acre Gold Work?

Acre Gold Review

Acre Gold started as a gold layaway service. User registration requires a little charge before they can begin making investments. The value of your precious metals subscription depends on your chosen plan.

You can expect to spend more on heavier gold bars and vice versa. Gold purchased on the stock market is purely paper wealth. But here it's different; you get to own the business.

The gold you ordered from Acre Gold will be delivered to your home after you have paid for it. Gold and silver bars, as well as other Acre Gold swag, are on the company's inventory of wares. The gold bats can be purchased in 1, 2.5, 5 and 10 grams.

A small down payment on one of the gold bars is required to begin investing; afterward, the investor must wait. After you have paid the full market value for the gold, you will receive the delivery.

Clients are obligated to maintain their subscription payments until the market price of bullion is reached. When your order from Acre Gold reaches this amount, it will be delivered to your home stealthily.

The organization has relied heavily on this simple procedure since its inception in 2018. You are responsible for all shipping and fulfillment costs when sending the gold. The company also offers a buy-it-now option for gold bars.

What Does the Subscription Service Come With?

Acre Gold Review

The company now provides its clients with a physical and digital gold catalog.

1-Gram Gold Bars

Acre Gold's most affordable subscription is the 1-gram gold bar, which nevertheless has a lot of value. Clients can pay $30 monthly until they have paid for the entire bar.

An initial $12 membership fee is due at the time of enrollment. In each package, you'll find 0.03215 troy ounces of 0.9999 pure gold and an assay card to verify its authenticity. Having the assay card ensures that the gold is real.

Each bar comes in a sealed, branded box that details the bar's weight and has the company's branding. A luxury, soft-touch box with a pull-out display drawer is included with each bar and the Acre logo is prominently displayed on the reverse side.

2.5-Gram Gold Bars

This mirror-like gold bar weighs 2.5 grams and costs more than its 1-gram counterpart. You'll need to pay $50 per month to maintain a subscription.

After receiving full payment for the bar at its current market value, Acre Gold will mail the physical product to you. To begin their subscription, investors must pay the $12 membership cost upfront. The box will contain 0.08038 troy ounces of 0.9999 pure gold when it arrives.

The assayer's signature and the bar's weight are printed on the box. Identifiers for weight and purity are stamped on the front face. The other side bears the Acre emblem in a repeating design. Additionally, a quality box with a drawer for displaying the item is included with every shipment.

5-Gram Gold Bar

The latest offering from Acre Gold, the 5-gram gold bar, is a good choice for any investor. They're twice as big as their prior product and it only costs $100 per month. The $12 annual membership price is the same, making this a slightly better deal.

The bar will be shipped to your house after you have paid it in full via installments. A total of 0.1607 troy ounces (or thereabouts) of 0.9999 fine gold will be contained within each secure assay container. The gold's purity and weight are verified by an assayer and displayed on the packaging.

Both the front and back of the bars include imprinted logos. In addition, there is a transparent drawer in the softbox so you can see exactly what you're getting.

10-Gram Gold Bar

One of Acre's most recent additions to its product line is a 10-gram bar. The cost of the subscription is equivalent to 2.5 10-gram bars. Yet, the corporation has maintained the best-value membership price of $12.

After you pay for the purchase in full, they will send it to your home via shipping. Assay cards that verify the purity and weight of each bar are sealed in tamper-evident packaging to prevent counterfeiting.

You can expect 0.3215 ounces of 0.9999 pure gold to be inside. The Acre logo is prominently displayed on the bar's front and back. In addition, a display drawer in the soft touch box comes with the item.

A $250 monthly subscription can be upgraded by email if you are an existing customer.

How Long Does It Take to Receive Your Gold?

Acre Gold Review

The time it takes to obtain your gold will vary based on its market value when you request it. The amount you receive will be based on the current price of gold and how much you have already spent on it.

Although there isn't a single, definitive answer, you can count on it taking four to six months. Your work can move along more quickly if the price of gold drops. Yet if gold prices surge, your deadline may be pushed back.

Monthly Progress Reports

Following each customer's payment, Acre Gold will issue a monthly update. The first report you receive after signing up for the service will have a link to the client portal.

You may access and modify your account information, as well as keep tabs on your development, all within the client portal. It will reveal how much more money is required before receiving the package.

Customer portal features include both progress tracking and cancellation options. You may also check the status of any packages you've ordered here.

Does Acre Gold Have a Cancellation Policy?

Once you have received physical gold from Acre Gold, you are not eligible for a refund. Anybody who has already received their physical package will not qualify for a refund. You will receive a full refund if you cancel while still making payments.

However, once the bullion has been delivered to your home, you cannot return it. You can contact the support staff if you have any questions by sending them an email.

They might cancel the shipment and issue a refund if there is a significant delay. If you wish to terminate links with the business, you will be charged $20 to cancel.

Acre Gold Price Information

There is a one-time $12 price to join Acre Gold in addition to the regular $12 monthly fee (essentially a processing fee). You also have to pay for delivery and storage fees every time gold is sent to you. You will receive account credits for any amounts you overspend for the cost of gold assets. Mastercard, Visa and American Express credit cards are accepted for purchases and payments.

We've examined the available payment plans in greater detail to give you a better feel for the total price.

Outright Purchases

Whether or not Acre Gold has always offered outright sales of gold bars is unknown to us. But, standard site navigation could have yielded better results for us. Instead, we used a simple Google search to locate and access them. The ability to buy gold outright is an advantage of Acre Gold.

A five-gram gold bullion bar is only available through a subscription service, while a 2.5-gram gold bar can be purchased directly. The "Buy-It-Now" pricing for an Acre Gold 2.5-gram bar at the time of this review was $226.62.

There is no one-time price for processing, unlike the subscription options. The shipping fees and taxes are still your responsibility.

Physical Gold

The key draw of this alternative gold market is the possibility to buy grams of gold gradually through recurring subscription fees. Acre Gold's emblem may be prominently displayed on each bar, made of .9999 pure gold. Together with your gold bar, you'll get a velvety case to keep it in. There are now four membership options available for Acre Gold:

  • 1G - A 1-gram (0.03215 ounces) gold bar can be purchased with this plan by allocating $30 per month. Your gold bar will be sent once the necessary amount (including all fees) is paid.
  • 2.5G – This slightly larger bar costs an extra $50 monthly. It weighs in at 2.5 grams (0.08038 oz). Once the necessary funds have been raised, the bar will be mailed with the Acre Gold emblem and weight stamped.
  • 5G – This subscription plan costs $100 monthly and includes a bar twice as large as the preceding bar (at 0.1607 oz).
  • 10G – At present, this is the largest bar that this gold dealer has available. Acre Gold's priciest monthly subscription charge is $250 for a 10G (0.3215 ounces) bar of gold.

Digital Gold

Acre Gold's "Digital Gold" could be attractive if you don't keep physical gold on hand as part of your investing strategy. Like other online subscription services, Acre Gold lets you make interest-free payments toward a gold purchase and then stores the gold for you once you've paid off the initial cost of the purchase.

Very low monthly storage rates of only $1.00 are available (regardless of which bar size you purchase). But if you're hoping to avoid shipping costs, you'll be disappointed to learn this is different. However, the one-time Acre Gold membership charge, taxes and shipping/fulfillment fees are still included with "Digital Gold" orders.

Unlike the four alternatives with traditional real gold subscriptions, "Digital Gold" only offers three.

  • Acre Digital Gold (2.5 grams/0.08038 oz): $50 per month
  • Acre Digital Gold (5 grams/0.1607 oz): $100 per month
  • Acre Digital Gold (10 grams/0.3215 oz): $250 per month

Does Acre Gold Use Fair Pricing Standards

Acre Gold Review

Prices in Acre Gold are reasonable and the first investment of $12 is not exorbitant. Most precious metals dealers will sell at spot pricing if they profit. As a result of the market saturation, several gold companies provide discounts.

No need to second guess the validity of Acre Gold bullion; they back it up with a 100% purity guarantee. In addition, its pricing structure makes entry into the precious metals market accessible to anybody. As a bonus, you can pick the membership plan that best suits your financial situation.

Acre Gold Pros and Cons

The company has much going for it, but they also have room for development. Advantageously, they provide gold enthusiasts with a simple way to put their money to work. No matter what you buy, the $12 membership fee remains the same.

Their gold is the purest and they provide excellent service. However, there is a $20 cancellation fee and they only offer gold. There is no way for customers to purchase precious metals like silver, platinum or palladium on their website.

Customer Support

Acre Gold has excellent response times, indicating the firm's overall quality. Nevertheless, there are only a few ways to contact the service's support staff. If you have any questions, you can contact them via email or its social media channels (Instagram and Facebook).

Unfortunately, Acre Gold's website does not provide a phone number for customers to call or a chat feature where they may ask questions in real-time. But an email address is provided.

Acre Gold provides a simple customer portal that should be familiar to anyone with experience in the financial technology industry.

Despite its lack of support for interacting with the company's customer service team, this method permits you to check your account's status. Gold investors can track their subscriptions, orders and deliveries on the client site. The customer portal also serves as a place to cancel service.

Is Acre Gold Legit?

Acre Gold Review

Due to Acre Gold's relative novelty in the gold investing sector, it is understandable that some investors may need clarification about the company's legitimacy. Each Acre Gold gold bar is guaranteed to be made from pure gold and coined in Switzerland, with a certificate of authenticity.

You can trust that Acre Gold is a respectable business that offers a useful service to its customers. The purity of their gold is unmatched and their subscription model is groundbreaking.

They put a premium on user-friendliness and it shows how easy it is to purchase on their website. Acre Gold has a B- rating from the BBB even though it is not an accredited business with the BBB. Also, there are many glowing Google evaluations of the company out there.

Acre Gold uses tamper-evident packaging to ensure the safety of your shipment at all times during transit. If your shipment were opened or tampered with in any way, this packaging style would show it.

Your investing objectives, level of comfort with risk, investor profile and personal preferences will all play a role in determining whether this option suits you. You might not require Acre Gold if you can afford to acquire gold in large quantities simultaneously. Acre Gold is a respectable business only if its layaway payment plan appeals to you.

Final Thoughts

Acre Gold significantly reduces the entry point for new gold investors. Acre Gold offers several subscription programs, so interested parties can find one that works within their financial constraints and make manageable monthly payments toward purchasing gold bars. With tamper-evident packaging, your product is safe and sound until it enters your hands.

However, we do not recommend it. Acre Gold is not the best choice if you want to buy precious metals with cash and there are better choices than this if you want to secure your retirement assets with a precious metals IRA. Our highly recommended companies offer the best combination of low-cost pricing, high gold purity and many precious metals options.

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