Red Rock Secured Review

Red Rock Secured Review

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Trading stocks isn't your sole option for growing your wealth. Gold, silver and other precious metals are still another choice. Check out this Red Rock Secured review if you want a solid investment plan.

Red Rock Secured, a gold IRA provider, prioritizes the safety of its customers' savings. Representatives of the firm help savers learn how to buy gold and silver for their retirement funds.

Red Rock Secured provides clients several investment opportunities to keep gold bullion coins and bars safe. Established in 2009, Red Rock Secured is a privately held firm with roots in Southern California.

They ensure the safety of their client's retirement plans and assets by encouraging diversification. Red Rock's Gold IRAs provide clients with a measure of security during times of turbulent market activity. Among the members of the National Ethics Association is this precious metals dealer.

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Company Overview

Red Rock Secured Review

Red Rock Secured is committed to helping clients achieve their development and financial objectives. The newest, most value-driven investing solutions are available from this firm.

Red Rock provides investors various investment opportunities such as debt vehicles, private placements, real estate investments, actual silver and gold and access to the IPO market before it opens to the public.

Its goals include educating employees, delivering superior service and selling high-quality, risk-free solutions to safeguard employees' retirement savings. Values and honesty are the foundation of the firm.

With the aid of Red Rock Secured, investors may learn about the benefits of gold and precious metals diversification and how to implement these plans to safeguard their retirement.

If clients want to ensure their retirement savings are secure, diversified and worry-free, they should phone the organization and speak to one of the gold investment consultants.

Main Features of Red Rock Secured

Red Rock Secured Review

Customers are drawn to Red Rock Secured by its affordable premiums and remain loyal thanks to its many exclusive features that no other broker offers. Some of the most exciting parts of the system are described here.

Secure Storage

Red Rock Secured's primary area of expertise is helping people use their self-directed IRAs to invest in precious metals for retirement. Precious metals held for retirement should be kept in a vault at a reputable private institution rather than with the government or a bank. Red Rock Secured provides access to two of the most reputable depositories in the business: the Delaware Depository and the Brinks Global Depository.

Low Premium Over Spot Prices

In this business, brokers profit from client premiums. If they buy a coin for $100 and sell it to you for $108, they've made a profit of $8. The typical markup for most brokers is 8% to 12% above spot pricing (the open market price of precious metals available for immediate delivery).

For all typical bullion items, including American Eagles, Canadian Maple Leafs and bars, Red Rock Secured adds a premium of 1% to 5% above their cost. Collectible coins and bullion do, of course, carry a premium over their face value.

Moreover, the premiums are stated in different ways. Precious metal dealers typically mark their prices by X over the spot, as commonly reported. Red Rock's price tag is a percentage increase above the item's cost.

Knowing this is crucial since precious metals companies sometimes pay the current price. When buying from investors, they frequently receive price breaks. It makes Red Rock Secured's premium of 1%-5% above the spot on common bullion even more reasonable.

Your Choice of Metal

Rare coins and fancy precious metal bars are only a little plentiful at this firm, but if rarity isn't a priority, you'll get all you need here. Most of the company's precious metals offerings (silver, gold, platinum and palladium) are qualified for IRAs.

Additional Perks for Larger Investors

This is the main differentiating feature of the company. The benefits provided by Red Rock Secured are unprecedented in the gold and silver trade. You can tap into a retirement account invested in precious metals without paying any fees. This is how it operates:

  • Storage and custodian fee waiver: It's common to pay between $200 and $250 annually for storage and custodial services. The firm covers these costs for the first year if you contribute $10,000. If you invest $50,000, your expenses for the first three years are paid. In exchange for a $100,000 investment, you'll never have to worry about paying custodial or storage costs again.
  • Safeguards against rising prices: The financial market is quite unstable. If metal prices rise, you may purchase more metal at the original price and if metal prices fall, you can make up for your losses by receiving additional metal. If you spend $1,500 or more from your cash account or $10,000 from your IRA, you are covered for a week against price fluctuations. If you spend $200,000 or more, you'll be covered for a whole year. This period increases with your spending.

In addition to the benefits above, it is essential to note that Red Rock Secured collaborates with Equity Trust, making it simple to roll over assets from an existing IRA account.

Great Customer Service

Red Rock Secured's main focus is on the well-being of its clients. This is why the company provides its investors access to phone, email and live chat customer service seven days a week. The company attempts to make every investor feel like a large family. In addition, there are no hidden fees and no trading commissions involved.

Products Offered by Red Rock Secured

Red Rock Secured Review

Gold IRA specialist Red Rock Secured is dedicated to supplying investors with precious metals suitable for storage in individual retirement accounts. Palladium, platinum, silver and gold are all available from the firm. There is no mention of pricing on the company's website.

Red Rock Secured offers four varieties of American Eagle coins: the Platinum Eagle, Palladium Eagle, Silver Eagle and Gold Eagle. This business deals in "junk" silver as well. These are silver dollar coins minted in the United States. They can stand in for a portion of silver and be used interchangeably.

How to Buy Gold at Red Rock Secured

Red Rock Secured's no-hassle approach to buying precious metals begins with a chat with a salesperson. The firm sets up your gold IRA and other investments. Just remember that you have the last say in every situation.

Personal, one-on-one advice is offered at no cost. To learn more about investing in precious metals, don't hesitate to contact a representative. You will get sufficient knowledge to determine if buying silver and gold suits you. This is not a sales pitch. It's a preliminary discussion before moving forward.

Here's how to buy gold at Red Rock Secured:

  • Create an account: First, you need to create an account with Red Rock Secured. This can be done online or over the phone. You must provide proof of identity and review the terms and conditions for opening an account.
  • Choose the right product: Red Rock Secured offers many gold products, including coins, bars, gold bullion and more. Determine which product is right for you by considering purity, cost and liquidity factors.
  • Place your order: Once you have selected a product, you can. This can be done online or over the phone. You will need to provide payment information and review the terms and conditions for your order.
  • Receive delivery: Once your order has been processed, it will be shipped directly to your door. You will receive a confirmation email with tracking information to follow its progress.
  • Setup a storage solution: Once you have received your gold, you will need to set up a secure storage solution. Red Rock Secured offers a network of secure storage facilities or you may store it in a bank vault or secure location of your choice.

Where Does Red Rock Secured Store the Precious Metals

Red Rock Secured Review

Red Rock Secured allows you to have your gold and other precious metals transported to a secure location or shipped directly to your house.

Remember that the IRS has strict requirements for the location and security of any gold or silver placed in an Individual Retirement Account. Depending on whether or not you satisfy additional criteria, home delivery may be an option if you form a limited liability business (LLC) in your name.

A hefty tax penalty may be incurred if those conditions are not met. You can stay within IRS regulations by using a depository—safe deposit boxes specifically for storing gold and silver.

You will have full ownership paperwork for every gold and silver stored in a depository. Red Rock Secured additionally ensures all its gold and precious metal goods via Lloyd's of London.

Fees Associated with Gold IRAs from Red Rock Secured

Red Rock Secure's pricing structure is not disclosed on the website. According to the firm, most customers can have their costs waived permanently. A minimum investment of $1,500 is required. Red Rock is a wholesaler that offers discounted prices to its customers.

The firm charges a fee for storing and custodial services for all gold IRAs. How much you'll pay for those services will depend on your chosen provider. Prices for a whole year of storage typically start at $125 and go up to $300.

Pros & Cons of Red Rock Secured


No business in a highly competitive market lasts over a decade without offering consumers substantial benefits. Among the many benefits of partnering with Red Rock Secured are:

  • Low premiums: For financial success, it is standard practice for precious metals dealers to add a markup to the current price while negotiating deals with clients. Wholesalers often add on surcharges of 8 to 12 percent. Red Rock's premium ranges from 1% to 5% over its cost, making it competitive.
  • Professionalism in caring for customers: The team is highly trained and motivated to get every client the right precious metal for their needs.
  • Accessibility: Red Rock's telephone representatives, email and live chat customer service staff work seven days a week. The company wants clients to be available on its schedule, not the other way around.
  • One-on-one advice: Working directly with you, Red Rock's expert staff will provide valuable advice based on your circumstances and needs.
  • Insured: Lloyd's of London provides insurance for precious metals stored at the Delaware -Depository or various Brinks locations. Your retirement savings are protected no matter what happens to the depository where your precious metals are kept.
  • Online ordering: Red Rock is one of the few precious metals dealers to offer online ordering.
  • Instant deposit: Customers can have their order placed, payment processed and delivery of their precious metals arranged instantly.


Despite offering significant benefits, there are some potential drawbacks that prospective customers may want to consider before giving serious consideration to partnering with Red Rock Secured:

  • Limited selection: Red Rock offers only gold and silver-backed products. If you want to add other precious metals or alternative investment vehicles to your portfolio, there may be a better one.
  • Fees are not available on the website: A potential customer will have a hard time getting an exact estimate for the firm's fees. This can be frustrating when making a purchasing decision.
  • No paper currency: Red Rock does not provide its customers with paper currency for purchasing silver and gold.


Red Rock Secured Review

There were no negative comments for Red Rock Secured on any of the review sites we checked. The Better Business Bureau has awarded the firm an A+ rating. Red Rock Secured has received nothing but glowing 5-star ratings from its customers on the BBB's website.

Rock has 4.7 ratings out of 5 on the review aggregator Trustpilot. Both the Business Consumer Alliance and the readers of Consumer Affairs have awarded the firm a maximum of five stars.

The Trustlink reviews raise some red flags since virtually all of them are formerly favorable reviews that have been downgraded to one star and labeled as Fake Review. What's happening here is quite peculiar.

Why Add Gold to Your IRA?

Individuals looking to diversify their retirement savings should consider adding gold. Those in retirement concerned about their savings' security might consider gold an alternative to more common investments like stocks and bonds.

Gold in an IRA is advantageous because it provides diversification. In contrast to stocks and bonds, gold prices are unaffected by the same market forces. For this reason, gold could be an excellent choice for retirees worried about the impact of market volatility on their investments.

Gold's long-term growth potential is another reason it makes a solid IRA investment. When looking at historical data, gold prices tend to stay stable and even climb over long periods. As a result, it might provide retirees with a secure income. Gold's value is also unaffected by inflation and currency devaluation, which can lower the value of other assets over time.

When held in an IRA, gold can give favorable tax treatment. Unlike other investments, all profit made on gold is free from taxation after only one year. This means that buyers of gold will keep more of their profit after transaction costs.

Choosing the Right Precious Metals Dealer

Red Rock Secured Review

Choosing the right precious metals dealer is essential, as it can significantly impact the cost and quality of your metal purchases. When selecting a precious metals dealer, there are several factors to consider.

First, research the dealer's reputation and check out reviews from third parties such as the Better Business Bureau to ensure they have a history of good customer service and reliable delivery of products. Additionally, it's essential to ensure the dealer is registered with the proper regulating bodies. The dealership should be registered in the US with the Financial Crimes Enforcement Network (FinCEN) and an American Numismatic Association (ANA) member.

The price and availability of precious metals should also be taken into consideration. It's essential to look for dealers that offer competitive pricing on a wide selection of metals. Look into the transaction fees and additional costs such as shipping, insurance and taxes.

Finally, look for a dealer that offers flexible payment options. Many dealers offer various payment options including credit cards, checks, wire transfers and even PayPal. Additionally, look for dealers that offer secure payment processing such as two-factor authentication or an escrow account.

Final Thoughts

Red Rock Secured is well-known for its quality of service and education to gold investors of all skill levels. Home storage for gold IRAs is a unique service offered by this firm. Silver and gold are available, as well as a wide variety of investment alternatives through this organization.

Red Rock Secured is an excellent company to consider when investing in precious metals, but it may not be the best choice compared to other firms we've reviewed. They offer a wide selection of metal products and their IRA program is reliable and secure. However, they need some of the services other firms provide such as various educational materials.

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