OneGold Review

OneGold Review

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Putting money into precious metals is a common trend these days. This is because they are unaffected by inflation and provide stability during economic turmoil. Thanks to the efforts of precious metals firms, investing in this sector is now as simple as clicking a mouse.

You may already know the abundance of precious metals dealers if you have been looking for a business to handle your investment. As this is a significant financial commitment, you may be interested in reading unbiased evaluations to help you make the best possible selection.

For individuals interested in putting money into gold through a reputable company, OneGold is a viable alternative. This OneGold review can help determine if this service is right for you.

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About OneGold

OneGold Review

OneGold is a digital asset exchange that uses precious metals as backing. They provide a unique shopping experience by letting clients modify their investments to meet their goals.

Traders have round-the-clock access and may choose between financing their purchases instantly or making a pre-funding deposit. You'll need to register for an account before using any of their offerings. Before committing money, be sure you've explored all of their options.

Successful investors start with the fundamentals of investing before diving deeply into OneGold. Nonetheless, the feedback from their satisfied customers indicates that they are highly regarded. You may choose from several platinum, silver and gold alternatives.

These prospects for investment may be found in four countries: the United States, Switzerland, Canada and the United Kingdom.

OneGold gives people an affordable way to acquire precious metals stored in a vault. Your precious metals are safely stored at the Royal Canadian Mint in Canada or APMEX, Brinks or Loomis in the United States and you have unrestricted access to them at all times.

Who Owns OneGold?

OneGold Review

OneGold provides its clients with a world-class trading environment and the confidence of knowing they are dealing with a market leader. Sprott and APMEX, two primary partners, formed and presently own OneGold.

These businesses have joined together to give their clients the greatest possible experience when buying precious metals and saving for the future. The group is also committed to making online investing in precious metals as safe as possible for customers.


Scott Thomas established the APMEX company in 1999 and it has since become a leading provider of digital precious metals to customers worldwide. In Oklahoma City, you'll find a company that offers various precious metal products and services to satisfy your needs.

It also has a substantial clientele that appreciates the easy availability of several gold, silver and other precious metal options. The lifetime sales for AMPEX are $10 billion. The firm was one of the market leaders in customer service, with over 1.5 million customers worldwide.


Eric Sprott founded Sprott in 1981 to provide investors with first-rate options. Real estate and precious metals are two of the company's primary areas of concentration within the alternative asset management sector.

The company has amassed a huge clientele and various customer assets because of its widespread presence in the United States, Asia and Canada. In addition to its Canadian and American banking and retail brokerage activities, Sprott also operates in the United States. They amassed $7 billion in customer assets. There were 200,000 customers all around the world that did business with the firm.

How Does OneGold Work?

OneGold Review

If you want to use OneGold's services, you have to sign up for an account on their website. Complete the online form and follow the on-screen instructions to finish any necessary verification procedures.

You may log in to your OneGold account using the mobile app or the desktop program. One of OneGold's many useful features is a straightforward mobile app. This accommodates many online company owners using their mobile devices to monitor, manage and conduct all aspects of their operations.

The Apple App Store and the Google Play Market host the OneGold mobile app. Just install the app and enter the credentials you chose during account setup to access your account. When on the go, you can keep an eye on the OneGold market, keep tabs on your precious metal holdings and manage everything using the mobile app.

The next step is to sign into your OneGold account, where you may start purchasing precious metals with a wide selection of payment options, including Bitcoin, PayPal, major credit cards, debit cards and bank checks.

Customers then specify the number of ounces of precious metals they wish to purchase and settle on an appropriate investment rate. The 'Autoinvest' tool also lets you establish a convenient purchase schedule.

Your funds are safe and sound in a locked vault, no matter what. Checking in on the development of your precious metals investment is as simple as logging in to your OneGold account.

Customers have two options for cashing out their digitally acquired precious metals. As one option, you may sell your digital gold in exchange for other valuable items and have them shipped to an address of your choosing. The second strategy entails turning your virtual gold and silver into hard cash. After that, you can deposit the money in your bank account.

Products and Services

OneGold Review

U.S. customers can choose between gold, silver and platinum. Loomis International, COMEX or AMPEX-approved vaults in the United States house them. Lloyd's of London provides complete product insurance for theft or loss.

Physical platinum, silver and gold are held as collateral for the digital equivalents. Pricing for purchasing, selling and storing each thing varies widely. If you need assistance figuring out how much you'll be charged to store your valuables in the vault, they can give you a hand.

Gold and silver are the only items accessible to Switzerland, Canada and the United Kingdom residents. In the digital currency market, OneGold facilitates purchases, sales and management of these assets. Products made by each company are kept in segregated depositories.

Does OneGold Conduct an Inventory Audit?

OneGold Review

Having their stocks checked over offers investors more confidence. OneGold's vaulting partners regularly report inventory levels to the company. Investors and OneGold may verify the details of their precious metal holdings using these reports.

Switzerland, Canada, the United Kingdom and the United States are all included in the inventory reports. You may find all the reports on their website, considered public documents.

Every year, OneGold revises its insurance coverage. They can monitor their investments because of the independent audits they commission. Once a year, they have a physical count and verification of their items. Customers' account balances are reconciled with stored metal daily.

Prices and Fees

A precious metals dealer's pricing and charge structure is an essential factors for many customers. Compared to other precious metals companies, OneGold's prices for its goods are more reasonable and its storage costs are lower.

Product Prices

Prices for precious metals at OneGold shift based on the specific commodity being purchased. In addition, the prices change depending on the virtual precious metals of the place of origin.

For instance, the cost of gold in the USA differs from that in Switzerland. But still, OneGold offers investment opportunities in precious metals at some of the lowest prices in the world.

Storage Fees

As was previously indicated, OneGold clients in the United States can entrust their precious metals to either Comex, Loomis International or Brinks. In contrast, Canadian clients can keep their holdings at the Royal Canadian Mint. There is little price difference between the two choices for storing your valuables.

The storage cost is 0.12% of the value of gold stored, 0.30% of silver and 0.30% of platinum. Storage with OneGold is far less than many other precious metals merchants, who often charge at least $10 monthly.

OnceGold Reviews

OneGold Review

The most crucial factor in deciding if a precious metals dealer is good for you is reading their reviews online.

OneGold review data is critical when deciding whether or not to invest with a company since it reveals information about the company's operations and customer service that cannot be gleaned by looking at their paper.

The Better Business Bureau (BBB), a non-profit organization, aims to increase consumer confidence in businesses. It grades companies based on client feedback such as reviews, ratings and complaints.

The Better Business Bureau gave OneGold an A+ rating and its consumers overwhelmingly gave the company high marks. Recently, though, customers have expressed worry in several one-star reviews about getting a satisfactory return on their investment.

More than 7,000 satisfied customers gave the firm a 4.8-star rating on the Shopper Approved website. OneGold is widely regarded as a reliable precious metals investment option.

Most survey respondents reported having a positive experience buying, holding and selling precious metals and accessing their money. And according to testimonials, the company's customer service is second to none for individuals who require investment guidance.

According to these statistics, putting money into OneGold is wise and will yield excellent returns for anyone interested in the precious metals industry.

Is OneGold Legit?

Without prior experience, prospective investors in precious metals via trading platforms may be understandably skeptical of the company's legitimacy. Purchasing precious metals online might be scary because you can't examine the metals in person.

Our investigation, however, has led us to conclude that OneGold is a trustworthy precious metals trader. Two respected authorities have endorsed the company and several third-party evaluations from satisfied customers are posted online.

In addition, the organization has demonstrated the openness to information that one would expect from a trustworthy vendor. It also offers helpful resources for trading precious metals on its marketplace. These features are only sometimes found on fraudulent websites. As a result, we don't have any qualms claiming that OneGold is a legitimate company.

Why Invest in Gold?

OneGold Review

Gold has traditionally been seen as a haven asset. Gold prices tend to increase when the stock market and other financial markets are volatile, providing a hedge against losses suffered in other investments. Gold also has intrinsic value, not subject to the same volatility as other investments. Additionally, gold is seen as a store of value and has been a reliable investment throughout history.

When investing in gold, investors should consider that gold is not subject to the same economic forces that affect other investments, making it less vulnerable to inflation and different economic cycles. Additionally, gold is a physical asset and can be used as a form of currency in some parts of the world. Gold also has a limited supply, making it an attractive asset for long-term investors.

Gold also has the potential to generate a return. When the price of gold rises, investors may sell their gold for a profit. Investing in gold also diversifies an investor's portfolio, allowing investors to invest in an asset traditionally seen as a haven.

Gold and Precious Metals IRAs

OneGold Review

When customers use self-directed IRAs, OneGold can assist them in achieving more investment diversity. Most individuals feel safe entrusting their retirement funds to them because of their reliable partners, regular inventory audits and safe storage facilities.

Self-directed IRAs from OneGold offer the same potential for tax-deferred growth through compound interest as traditional IRAs and 401(k)s.

Your IRA will be self-directed, allowing you to build a custom investment portfolio. Many investment opportunities are available to you with OneGold. Their expertise in both security and cost-effectiveness makes them an attractive custodian option.

Their storage areas for the gold and silver are safe and sound. According to the IRS, palladium, platinum, gold and silver are all legal in IRA accounts.

Investing in a OneGold IRA is an exciting retirement opportunity that, if handled properly, may help you build a more secure financial future.

If you're intrigued, you should contact them and ask all pertinent questions before opening an account and investigating the available investment opportunities.

How Does a Gold IRA Work?

An Individual Retirement Account (IRA) is a financial vehicle for saving for later life. Self-directed IRAs are the most popular type of IRA due to the flexibility they provide. You don't have to put your money into the same old things if you don't want to.

Investment opportunities exist in commodities like gold and silver and tangible assets like property and tax liens. To those who would like to open an IRA, OneGold is a suitable option. Before you invest in precious metals or anything else, you should familiarize yourself with the guidelines.

For instance, you might be penalized if you withdraw the money before you turn 59 ½. In addition, the IRS prohibits opening a precious metal IRA without a custodian.

Regarding quality, services and dependability, OneGold only works with the custodians on their approved list. If you're interested in investing in precious metals, please peruse this list and contact one of the listed businesses for assistance.

What Should You Look for When Choosing a Precious Metals Dealer?

OneGold Review

Investing in precious metals requires serious capital, so weighing several considerations before making a final decision is essential.

Initially, you need to look into the bullion dealer's internet and physical reputation. Look at user reviews on third-party platforms such as TrustPilot and Google, not just the company's site, to get a sense of customer satisfaction. Ask for feedback from satisfied customers whenever possible, but remember to take both good and negative comments into account.

First, be sure the bullion dealer has a physical storefront. Despite the rise of online-only markets, you should avoid bullion dealers whose websites provide only a post office box.

Transparency is similarly essential. It is in everyone's best interest if a dealer that charges extra fees or commissions does so openly and prominently on their website before a customer purchases. As the value of gold and other precious metals changes over time, the dealer must have reliable and current price information.

You want to do something other than business with a gold bullion dealer that only accepts cash. Only work with companies who need money before doing any work.

Most trustworthy gold dealers take various payments, including money orders, bank transfers, credit cards and even PayPal. Acceptance of cryptocurrency as payment by businesses is on the rise. Find out ahead of time whether any fees are associated with utilizing a specific payment method like a credit card or bank transfer.

You should then investigate the shop's repurchase options and return procedures. Although most stores would gladly take back your precious metals, others may charge you a premium; this information and any other pertinent details should be published transparently and openly on the store's website.

Final Thoughts

OneGold was established by a partnership between two leading firms in the precious metals industry. The three precious metals—silver, platinum and gold—are their top products. They've been in business for some time, doing their best to make purchasing precious metals stress-free and satisfying.

It's fantastic that no major complaints have been lodged against them. You can diversify your portfolio with the help of their features and services. Consult with them first if you're interested in using their offerings.

OneGold is a good business, but we suggest something other than working with them. They are not a fraud nor the ideal option for gold investments or IRAs, as we have discussed at length on this site with the recommended firms we have written about.

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