JM Bullion Review

JM Bullion Review

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Gold IRAs present a more reliable alternative considering the extreme volatility of other retirement account hedging strategies. Nevertheless, finding a gold IRA firm with the expertise you need to manage your retirement savings properly might be challenging.

Today, we'll be looking into JM Bullion. We've combed through consumer and insider evaluations of JM Bullion and analyzed the good and bad points, product selection and quality of customer service to provide you with all the data you need to make an informed decision.

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History and Background of JM Bullion

JM Bullion Review

JM Bullion is a company that has been operating since 2011, with headquarters in Dallas. This company deals in all precious metals, including silver, gold, copper, palladium and platinum. While some precious metals dealers may provide a paper receipt, with JM Bullion, customers receive the metals they purchased.

From its humble beginnings with just two employees, JM Bullion has expanded to employ close to a hundred individuals. JM Bullion was recognized as the fastest-growing company in the United States in 2019. Current annual revenue is more than $650 million.

Positive reviews constantly highlight how much more affordable JM Bullion is than the competition while praising the company's helpfulness, honesty and transparency. When buying precious metals and setting up a gold IRA with JM Bullion's subsidiary, New Direction IRA, many customers praise JM Bullion.

There are hundreds of glowing testimonials about JM Bullion online. Dissatisfied customers often need help with deliveries and missing products. Many issues are settled by customer service even though JM Bullion is not at fault.

Advantages and Disadvantages of JM Bullion

JM Bullion is an online store that sells gold coins and bullion to consumers worldwide. The organization can sell gold bars as a bullion dealer but not store them for clients with gold IRAs.

JM Bullion does not operate as a go-between for transactions that do not include the physical transfer of commodities. JM Bullion does not use paper gold transactions to differentiate itself from other gold dealers. Although it does not offer its gold storage, it can refer customers interested in doing so to a partner storage facility.


To its credit, JM Bullion has earned a perfect A+ rating from the BBB. The Better Business Bureau has awarded it an A+ and over 900 customers have given it a rating of 4.64 out of 5 stars.

Their clientele generally expresses happiness with their service. This way, it can keep prices low for customers and still offer free shipping on orders over $199 without sacrificing quality or convenience.

Moreover, because JM Bullion partners with a secure facility for keeping gold and other precious metals, the transaction will move more smoothly than with many other companies. Unlike most precious metals dealers, who focus primarily on making sales, this one also has a secure storage partner.


The first issue we've identified is not specifically with JM Bullion but with the rules and regulations that are now in place. This company strictly follows all regulations when disclosing sales and purchases of gold and other precious metals.

As an added note, JM Bullion does not offer secure storage for bullion or precious metals. This sets JM apart from its competitors, several offering gold storage. Still, the firm has linkages to vaults that, in tandem with the associated custodians, can provide everything you need to establish a gold IRA.

Remember that there may be a delay between placing an order and receiving your JM Bullion gold bullion bar or coin shipment.

Does JM Bullion Provide Gold IRAs?

JM Bullion Review

To our regret, JM Bullion does not offer IRA services. Although JM Bullion does not directly provide IRAs in gold, it has partnerships with numerous trusted custodians who can assist you. A gold IRA or individual retirement account, is a way to invest in gold for retirement and these firms may help you open one. You can do all of these things and more with a gold IRA.

If you want to open a gold IRA, JM Bullion recommends working with the reputable firms listed below. You may rely on them for assistance in opening a gold IRA and for answering your questions. You can also purchase coins, bars and other precious metals from your gold IRA from these dealers.

These firms not only aid in establishing the gold IRA but also advise on tax matters and assist with maximizing relevant tax deductions. In addition to safekeeping and protection for your gold IRA, they could offer extra services to ensure its continued success.

JM Bullion does not offer gold IRAs; however customers can get their money back if they return to gold or other precious metals. Consumers can get the most recent repurchase pricing by calling JM Bullion directly. This company claims to offer the best buyback prices in the business.

Gold IRAs Through JM Bullion's Recommended Custodian

JM Bullion does not offer gold IRAs alone, but it works with local facilities and custodians to make that process easier for customers.

With a gold IRA, you can invest a portion of your retirement or other savings in gold or all of it. Investing in a gold IRA is better than investing directly in the stock market due to the tax benefits and more stability it gives throughout retirement.

JM Bullion relies heavily on New Direction IRA, a regional custodian and A-M Global Logistics, a neighboring storage facility.

Products and Services

JM Bullion Review

Now that we have a better understanding of the pros and cons of JM Bullion and its relationship with supplementary companies let's look at the real products and services it provides.

Purchasing Gold and Other Precious Metals

For starters, there is a wide variety of precious metals to choose from at JM Bullion. Gold Buffalo coins, Gold Eagles and any other United States standard-issue gold currency created by the mint before 1933 are all available to you.

JM Bullion offers a large selection of both imported and domestic products. Among the many options available are coins from Mexico, Canada, South Africa, Krugerrands and several forms of British gold.

Gold from Australia, Europe, Disney and the West are all available for purchase, alongside the Gold Panda and other Chinese gold products. JM Bullion has various gold bullion bars for those seeking a more generic gold product.

In addition to its huge gold stockpile, JM Bullion offers substantial silver. In addition to silver sculptures, coins, bars and rounds are available. Although JM Bullion sells silver bullets, they aren't designed for use in combat.

The company purchases its silver from the same international vendors that supply its gold. You may buy coins themed after the Star Trek, Star Wars franchises, The Simpsons and Marvel.

JM Bullion offers precious metals such as platinum, palladium, iridium, gold and silver. The quantities of palladium, copper and platinum that JM Bullion offers for sale are far lower than their gold and silver stock.

Selling Back Gold and Other Precious Metals

JM Bullion will buy back your gold, silver and other precious metals and purchase them from you. If you'd like to sell some of your stuff, you can do so via the JM Buyback Tool or by calling them.

There has been a recent uptick in the tool's popularity, perhaps because it requires minimal user input and is extremely practical (you don't have to talk to a salesperson). By locking in the rate at a convenient time, you can be confident that you'll obtain the highest price for your precious metals.

In addition to their online buyback facility and phone support, JM Bullion now offers an email service via which you can sell your gold or silver. One or all of these methods might get the job done. You can get a quote for your goods and quantities and then ship the merchant your precious metals. Once JM Bullion has inspected and approved your cargo, payment will be made.

Precious metals can be sent to the company with no hassle. All you have to do to ship an order from JM Bullion is print out a shipping label, securely pack your goods and drop them off at any UPS location. JM Bullion pays the customer in full within three business days of receiving the shipment.

Pricing and Fees

Unsurprisingly, New Direction IRA upcharges its customers extra to store their gold in a retirement account.

Despite this, JM Bullion's direct-purchase strategy allows them to offer low prices. Customers have said that JM Bullion's prices are in line with those of other major retailers. A gold price tag of roughly $1,800 is fair as an illustration.

JM Bullion offers rare and high-quality bars, coins and collectibles sourced from reliable trusted mints and minting facilities. JM Bullion provides a far lower minimum purchase amount than its rivals. Even though there is a $2,500 minimum purchase when paying with a wire transfer, there is just a $100 minimum when buying using Bitcoin, checks or PayPal.

It's worth mentioning that in addition to a minimum purchase requirement, JM Bullion also has a maximum purchase requirement, but it would be difficult to meet it.

There is a $150,000 limit on wire transfers and a maximum of $5,000 for all credit card transactions, $10,000 for all PayPal purchases and $50,000 for all checks. Gold or silver worth up to $250,000 can be bought with a single Bitcoin transaction.

 JM Bullion Storage Options

JM Bullion Review

Though some JM Bullion customers opt for more secure storage for their precious metals, most maintain their purchases in a safe place (particularly for smaller orders). The partnership between JM Bullion and TDS Vaults means that customers who don't want to keep their possessions at home have another choice.

Customers can store their precious metals in TDS vaults, which have locations in Toronto, Las Vegas, Singapore and Zurich. Our storage partner offers a variety of secure vaults and all you have to do is open an account with them and then make your purchase from JM Bullion.

As soon as your order is fulfilled, JM and TDS will work together to ship your new items to the address of your choice. To ensure the safety of their clients, TDS Vaults offers two levels of insurance. The institution provides its all-risk coverage and also acquires insurance for your belongings.

Benefits of Investing with JM Bullion

JM Bullion Review

Since JM Bullion's relationships present prospects for new consumers, especially those interested in opening a new gold IRA account, we have discussed items and companies outside what the company offers directly.

All active and retired military members are eligible for the 10% discount JM Bullion offers. While this special rate is reserved mostly for bulk purchases, military personnel are also eligible. Find the sign that says "as low as" to take advantage of the sale price.

Forward your military ID to JM Bullion and you will be considered. As soon as the company receives this information through email, they will validate the order and apply the military discount to any useful items or services.

Clients like that JM Bullion does not operate on commission and appreciate that the company stands behind all military members. JM Bullion sells gold bullion at market price without the markups and extra fees you'll find at other companies. Live pricing is all this business does.

Customers who pay with a check or a direct bank transfer receive a reduction off JM Bullion's already reasonable prices. There is a total savings of 4% when using this method compared to other payment methods.

JM Bullion only sells precious metals at live prices, as was previously mentioned. You can even ask for the real-time price to see the rates and determine the optimal moment to buy or sell.

Customers of JM Bullion are obligated to lock in pricing before checkout due to the time-sensitive nature of precious metals prices. After you pay, your final price won't change for the next ten minutes. Those who keep the cashier waiting for more than 10 minutes will be charged the going rate.

Payment Options at JM Bullion

  • Wire transfer: A wire transfer is a safe and secure way to send money. All domestic and international wire transfers are welcome at JM Bullion. For wire transfer instructions, buyers must contact JM Bullion's support staff.
  • ACH transfer: Payments can be made directly from a bank account via the Internet via an ACH transfer. This is usually a fast, simple and secure payment method.
  • PayPal: This is a widely used payment option because it enables users to transmit money quickly and safely over the Internet. Registering is free; using it couldn't be simpler once you do.
  • Check: JM Bullion will accept cheques for $50,000 or less. Pay by check, made out to JM Bullion LLC and send it along with your invoice to JM Bullion.
  • Credit and debit cards: JM Bullion accepts Visa, Mastercard and American Express. The most you can spend using a credit or debit card is $5,000.
  • Cryptocurrency: You can pay using Bitcoin, Ethereum or Litecoin at JM Bullion. Both Ethereum and Bitcoin Cash are valid forms of payment at JM Bullion. Each Ethereum transaction may cost $150,000, while each Bitcoin transaction may be at most $250,000.

Customer Service

JM Bullion Review

It is crucial for every industry, but especially important in the precious metals sector to provide top-notch customer service. The reality, however, is that every business could be better. How a firm handles errors that it makes is critical.

JM Bullion is partially conflict-free, despite successfully resolving several client complaints and order problems over the years. JM Bullion stands out from the crowd, but many say it's because of its unprofessionalism and lack of responsibility.

Each review deserves careful consideration, but the negative should be weighed against the positive. For instance, JM Bullion has earned praise on all review sites.

Although there may be occasional conflicts, the customer feedback on JM Bullion's BBB page shows that the company is dedicated to hearing out its clients and addressing their problems. Even if companies can hide their wrongdoing, the Better Business Bureau (BBB) is easy to trick. As evidenced by its A+ BBB rating, JM Bullion is one of the industry's leading gold dealers.

Final Thoughts

Investors in gold bullion have many options and narrowing them down might be challenging. Gold IRAs can be a smart way to safeguard retirement funds from the whims of the stock market. Even though JM Bullion won't be able to help you set up your new account, you may still buy precious metals from them and get advice on where to keep them.

JM Bullion has built a solid name because of its honest dealings, low prices and high customer care. If you want to invest in gold but need help figuring out where to begin, JM Bullion is an excellent place to look.

All the information you need to know about JM Bullion, including the company's advantages and disadvantages, product selection, customer support and more, are provided in this article. If you're looking to open a gold IRA, it's in your best interest to compare your options before making a final decision. The best of our highly-rated companies will make setting up a new account for you simple and quick.

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