American Hartford Gold Review

American Hartford Gold Review

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Stressing out about what to do with your retirement savings is unnecessary. Preparing for these challenging times is essential to saving and investing wisely to reap the rewards in your golden years.

You may make the most of the money you've been saving for retirement by opening an Individual Retirement Account (IRA). The pre-tax contribution to an IRA is a significant perk. With interest compounding over time, thanks to your thoughtful investment choices, you can finally kick back and enjoy retirement.

Stocks, bonds and mutual funds are the most specific investments from an individual retirement account. A little-known perk is investing in physical precious metals like gold and silver through an IRA.

IRAs come in a wide variety of types and features. Informed investors should know that each offers unique benefits at various cost structures. The Gold IRA provided by American Hartford Gold is appealing to many potential buyers.

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American Hartford Gold Background and History

American Hartford Gold Review

American Hartford Gold is a precious metals investment firm run by a family. The company has its headquarters in Los Angeles, CA and has been serving investors since 2015. Gold and silver IRAs are their specialties and they offer bars and coins at reasonable prices.

Sanford Mann, the company's CEO, has been involved with precious metals for over a decade. Scott Gerlis, the president, has been in the gold and silver retail business for more than ten years. They boast of being Bill O'Reilly's preferred precious metals provider and official NASCAR sponsor.

For American Hartford Gold, the priority is always the satisfaction of its investors. Nowadays, people place a premium on ease of use and businesses know this. You can have the metals shipped to your house or transferred into a retirement account like an IRA or a workplace savings plan like a TSP.

Investors should rest easy knowing they have these options at their disposal. American Hartford Gold requires minimal effort to initiate investing. They are proud to offer a simple three-step procedure that will have you ready to invest in precious metals in no time.

American Hartford Gold IRA Products and Services

American Hartford Gold Review

American Hartford Gold is a metals and storage IRA provider. Its competitive advantage is its accessibility to financial advisors. It's possible to put money into gold and silver through a traditional IRA, but you can also buy coins and bars.

The American Eagle, Canada Buffalo, Australian Wildlife and South African Krugerrand are some gold and silver coins available from American Hartford Gold. A 1-ounce gold bar and a gold or silver Valcambi CombiBar are also available. There is a smaller variety of platinum alternatives available.

Each coin or bar has a data page to read before buying. This includes information like who made it, how much gold or silver it contains, how pure it is, how thick it is and how wide it is. It would also be helpful if the coin were labeled to indicate whether or not it could be placed in an individual retirement account.

American Hartford Gold's Buyback Promise stands noteworthy. You are under no obligation to return metals purchased from them. Choose any group that deals in precious metals. Yet, they provide such ease of use that alternate choices appear less appealing. The three-step liquidation procedure entails no additional costs.

You can have direct conversations with top financial advisors in real-time. There are no surprises when you use their services to open a new IRA or convert an existing one to a Gold IRA.

Storage Options

American Hartford Gold Review

Picking a secure location to keep your precious metals is as crucial as buying them in the first place. American Harford Gold employs the services of Brinks Global Services, International Depository Services (IDS) and the Delaware Depository Service Corporation (DDSC) to safeguard your bullion.

The depositories are very reputable and reliable institutions that conduct their business from secure locations and have multibillion-dollar insurance policies. Also, they have numerous hubs across the country, so transporting your metals to the depository or back to you will take little to no time.

Pricing Information

American Hartford Gold does not have an initial account activation fee. This implies there will be no extra fees associated with opening an account. When you first open an account, there is no minimum deposit required. So, you need not worry about making a sizable initial investment to start investing in gold.

In addition, shipping costs for precious metals are free at American Hartford Gold. This implies you won't have to pay more if you want gold or other metals delivered to your door. If you wish to sell back any of the metals you purchased from them, they won't charge you any extra liquidation fees. As a result, dealing with American Hartford Gold in terms of buying and selling gold is both straightforward and inexpensive.

Customer Service

American Hartford Gold Review

Because of American Hartford Gold's dedication to putting its clients first, you can count on them even in the most trying times. With AHG, you can join a monthly conference call to get the latest market data and answers to any additional questions.

When you dial the phone number, they pick up. They feel strongly that all customers should be given full transparency regarding the costs and allocation of their investments.

There are no surprises with AHG's price; it is based entirely on the value of the company's products, services and support. American Hartford Gold's staff members always maintain sight of what's best for their customers. It all starts with the market expertise and customer service focus of their in-house team of precious metals experts.

Their dedication to providing a one-of-a-kind experience is evident from the moment a customer makes contact. To American Hartford Gold, their clients' success is paramount. Even if gold and silver prices drop, you can still sell your precious metals at the buyback price specified in your contract, a form of insurance against loss.

They are also very pleased with their excellent customer service—everything they sell ships for free within the United States. For your security and financial investment, America Hartford Gold includes complimentary insurance.

American Hartford Gold highly values all client data's privacy and security. They think their clients will get along better and have more productive brainstorming sessions in a more intimate setting.

They are committed to serving you, whether you are a valuable partner or a client, by providing easy access to information and various methods for sharing and receiving feedback.

Benefits of a Gold IRA

American Hartford Gold Review

When you decide to invest in precious metals, you'll observe IRA chart comparison resources everywhere. According to them, a gold IRA is more beneficial than a traditional IRA. Here are a few reasons why.

Store of Value

In the face of inflation, precious metals like gold and silver have historically maintained their value. Including precious metals in your retirement plan might provide you peace of mind that you won't have to keep working past your ideal retirement age to maintain your present standard of living.

If you still need to be convinced, here are some numbers that show how long precious metals last and how consistent their value is. One of the greatest catastrophes in U.S. stock market history occurred between 2007 and 2009, destroying as much as 60% of retirement savings for particular Individuals.

But gold's price soared as the S&P 500 continued to fall, rewarding those who had spread their investments across several asset classes. In a precious metals IRA, you are not limited to just gold; in fact, holding a variety of precious metals can help your portfolio's value remain stable over time.

Safe Haven

Metal purchases are a hedge against market volatility. These supplementary "baskets" of investments buffer against the stock market's wild swings, currency devaluations and other economic hazards.

In addition to shares, bonds and liquid currencies like the U.S. dollar, gold can also be utilized to diversify your portfolio. When the dollar falters, gold tends to keep its value.

Gold's returns have consistently been shown to be inversely correlated with those of stocks, bonds and cash. Gold's value often rises when the dollar and bond markets fall. As a result, diversifying a portfolio by allocating some of its funds to precious metals like gold can help smooth out its value over time.

Gold's physical nature as an asset, as opposed to paper promises of value, gives your portfolio an extra measure of diversification and safety. The value of the paper you own could suddenly plummet if people stop having faith in the stock market or the dollar. As a result of their physical value and long-standing inherent worth, precious metals are virtually certain to retain their purchasing power.

Portfolio Diversification

When the economy was struggling before, this diversification helped. Gold and silver displayed their resilience during the 2008-2012 recession, with the price of silver increasing by about 450% despite the dire economic climate.

In addition, a recent scientific study demonstrated that diversification in precious metals helped investors weather the 2020 economic instability in the early days of the Covid-19 epidemic.

Estates Planning

If you are concerned about your family's future, owning precious metals can help protect it from unexpected economic turmoil. Precious metals might serve as a great asset to pass down to future generations.

When an individual dies, any gold they own in their IRA will pass directly to their named beneficiary without going through probate. This can help their heirs quickly access the funds and avoid costly estate taxes.

Unlike stocks, bonds and other investment vehicles, precious metals are relatively stable over the long term. As a result, they can help protect the value of your estate from the unexpected inflation or deflation that often accompanies a faltering economy.

Tax Benefits

One of the most significant benefits of a gold IRA is the ability to defer taxes. When investing in a traditional IRA, taxes must be paid on any gains realized during the account's life. With a gold IRA, taxes can be deferred until retirement age. This can provide a major advantage for investors, as the tax burden is reduced or eliminated until you are ready to tap into your retirement savings.

Another tax benefit of a gold IRA is avoiding capital gains taxes on any profits from investments in the account. When you sell investments in a traditional IRA, any profits you realize are subject to capital gains taxes. However, gold IRA accounts are exempt from this taxation, meaning you can earn profits without paying taxes.

401(k) to Gold IRA Rollover

American Hartford Gold Review

Contrary to popular belief, a Gold IRA can accept a rollover from a traditional IRA or 401(k) account. However, a few exceptions to the usual principles must be laid out in advance.

There should be no problems when transferring money from a previous employer's 401(k) to a new Gold IRA. Choose a new Gold IRA custodian and have them start the 401(k) rollover process. Nevertheless, transferring funds from an employer-sponsored 401(k) into a self-directed IRA might be more complicated.

Read the fine print before transferring funds from your employer's 401(k) to another plan. Your company's 401(k) plan doesn't allow you to invest in gold while still on the job. Your current 401(k) 's restrictions may let you roll over or transfer to a gold IRA; call your company to find out more.

To achieve the best outcome, follow this guide:

Choose a Gold IRA Provider

Whereas traditional IRAs often hold financial assets like equities and bonds, a gold IRA stores precious metals such as bars and coins.

Those getting close to retirement and interested in reading up on such valuable assets will find precious metals dealers to be fantastic resources.

Trustworthy gold IRA providers such as American Hartford Gold, will do more than inform you; they'll also help you set up your account, choose a custodian, buy the proper gold and find a secure place to keep it.

Choose Your Self-Directed IRA Custodian

In this step, you'll choose a trustee to manage your gold IRA. According to the rules, anyone can use their IRAs to keep gold (IRA).

Your gold IRA custodian will handle all transactions and report them to you and the IRS. The custodian is responsible for facilitating the acquisition and disposal of the precious metals you specify and collecting any outstanding payments.

When considering where to register a gold IRA, it's essential to ensure that the firm you're considering is prepared to handle "self-directed" accounts. With a self-directed IRA, you may manage the tangible assets in your retirement account.

Activate Your Account

Your new gold IRA should be active so your selected firm can begin managing your money. To purchase gold or silver, the custodian will have to cooperate with the dealer. Precious metals should be purchased only after an IRA has been funded. Money can be sent via electronic bank transfer, check or cash.

When you start your account, the custodian may tell you the maximum amount you can invest annually or you can look it up on the IRS website. The maximum amount you can spend varies with age due to monthly updates that factor in inflation, depreciation and other factors.

Conduct an IRA Rollover

The next step is to roll the funds from your retirement plan into a gold IRA. In a direct rollover, the IRA funds are transferred directly from the old custodian to the new one. Alternatively, you can have the funds in your old retirement account sent directly to you so you can transfer them to your new IRA.

Further documentation may be required. Specialists prefer direct rollovers because of the reduced administrative burden and time spent.

Buy Gold and Other Eligible Metals Through Your IRA

You may now direct the trustee to acquire whatever precious metals you want. Choosing American Hartford Gold is a good idea if you're concerned about falling for a scam. Also, consult the IRS regulations to determine which gold goods are legitimate and legal.

At last, it's up to you to determine the exact composition of your precious metals Individual Retirement Account. If you're investing in gold with your IRA, the custodian should give you all the documentation you need to prove the authenticity of your transaction.

Find out how your precious metals will be shipped and if they will be insured in transit so that you can rest assured they will arrive in one piece at the secure storage facility.

What Types of Precious Metals are IRA Approved?

American Hartford Gold Review

To ensure that investors make sound investments, the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) sets guidelines for the types of assets that can be held in an IRA. Precious metals are among the assets that are approved for IRA investments.

The IRS allows investments in various precious metals, including gold, silver, platinum and palladium. These metals must meet the IRS's fineness requirements, which dictate that the metal must be at least 99.5% pure.

The IRS generally accepts gold coins and bars that meet this requirement. On the other hand, silver coins and bars must meet an additional requirement: a U.S. or foreign government must produce them. Platinum and palladium coins and bars must also meet the fineness requirements.

In addition to bullion coins and bars, the IRS also allows investors to purchase certain rare coins made of precious metals. These coins must meet the IRS's fineness requirements and be approved by the IRA custodian. The list of approved coins includes both U.S. and foreign coins.

How to Make a Withdrawal from a Gold IRA

Withdrawing money from an individual retirement account (IRA) can be done in two ways. One choice is "In-Kind," in which actual precious metals are delivered to your door. Although you may have to cover shipping costs, you can sell your gold in any way you see fit.

There is a second choice, which is for the depositary to buy. The basic idea is that when you seek to withdraw gold, the depository will buy it from you. The price will be set at a level that corresponds as closely as possible to the current market price.

Remember that you'll owe taxes if you cash out your IRA early. You will incur tax penalties if you don't sell within two months. This is why it's recommended that you speak with a financial counselor or lawyer before making any withdrawals.

Factors to Consider When Choosing a Gold IRA Provider

American Hartford Gold Review

If you're considering a gold IRA, you can consult with a financial adviser or lawyer before buying precious metals. This will help you feel more comfortable and knowledgeable about the process. However, there are vital things to consider when choosing a gold IRA provider.

Many Investments Options

A diverse selection of precious metal coins and bullion bars to invest in is a good indicator of a company's depth of experience and expertise in the field. If gold-backed IRAs are all you're after, you should still work with experts who can steer you toward the most suitable investments.

Use of Aggressive Sales Techniques

Get away from any business that puts pressure on you instead of letting you make your own decisions. Investing of any type is serious; you should never feel rushed into making an uncomfortable choice.

Your best bet when selecting a precious metals dealer is to work with a firm that takes the time to explain all of your alternatives, verifies that you fully grasp your decisions and then develops a plan tailored to your specific needs.


This is essential when deciding which gold IRA providers to use and which to avoid. The company should have extensive experience in gold investing and a proven track record of assisting investors of all levels.

Always be inquisitive when interacting with a company: what services they provide, what areas they focus on, how long they've been in business, what problems they've solved and so on. You should go elsewhere if the company's responses could be more reflective and show a need for more expertise in the gold investment market.


The Better Business Bureau is a good resource for comparing the reliability of other gold IRA providers, as it is with any other industry. Establishment, reliability and an absence of consistent client complaints are all indicators of an A+ grade.

Final Thoughts

The gold investment services American Hartford Gold provide are well worth the cost if you start in the gold market. You'll find a wealth of information on their site if you're an inexperienced or seasoned investor. The complimentary 25-page booklet is a fantastic bonus.

There's a good reason why their customer service is so well-regarded. You need only peruse the website's testimonial section to see how satisfied its clients are. Business Consumer Alliance and the Better Business Bureau gave American Hartford Gold their highest possible rating of A+. Both Trustpilot and TrustLink give them a perfect score of 5 stars.

It's helpful that there are no initial investment requirements or unexpected costs associated with closing. This organization deserves acclaim because of its superior quality of customer care and the openness with which it presents investing information to its clients.

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