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spotlightDelta Cost Project's College Spending in a Turbulent Decade (2000-2013) featured in Essential Documents in the History of American Higher Education

John R. Thelin's book, a compendium of key documents in the history of higher education, has become a standard in higher education studies. Read the Delta Cost Project report included in the book here.

Delta Cost Project's Donna Desrochers writes, Think Again: Is Rampant College Spending Behind Skyrocketing Tuition Bills? Or Not?

Principal researcher Donna Desrochers challenges a commonly held perception about increasing college costs. 

Delta Cost Project's Labor Intensive or Labor Expensive? cited in Think Again: Administrators Ate My Tuition! Really?

Think Again is a series of insights from AIR experts that challenge commonly held perceptions. Read the Delta Cost Project issue brief referenced in this expert commentary here

spotlightDelta Cost in the News

June 2016: CNBC: Why does a college degree cost so much?

June 2016: The Hechinger Report: As adjuncts unionize for better wages and benefits, some college costs could rise

May 2015: The Christian Science Monitor: Why the news on high college costs is starting to get (a little) better

May 2015: Cincinnati CityBeat: A Different College Ranking

What's New

The updated Delta Cost Project Database, 1987-2012, which includes two new years of data, has been released by the National Center for Education Statistics.
This Trends in College Spending update presents national-level estimates for the Delta Cost Project data metrics during the period 2001–2011. The updated analysis finds, among other things, that subsidies for public higher education institutions...
Faculty salaries, cuts in state aid, spending and “administrative bloat” all play a role in rising college costs. But a close look at staffing and compensation within the rapidly changing higher education workforce tells the full story.